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Food waste

Finnish households have an average food waste of 25 kg per person, per year. Food waste will always be present to some extent, but our goal is to reduce the waste of food as best we can. With simple means, both households and companies can contribute to reduced food waste and its climate impact.

How to reduce food waste?

With simple means, you can reduce food waste yourself and thereby also reduce the negative climate impact it entails. Here we list some simple ways to reduce your food waste:  


- Plan your meals smartly. Use what is already at home and then buy for what is needed.  

- Purchase only what you actually know you need, if you are unsure, leave it on the shelf.


- Keep track of what is in the fridge and the expiration date on the products. Sort so that the products with the expiration date closest, are placed easily accessible.

- A cleaned refrigerator makes it easier to see which products are available and their expiration date.

- Freeze products that will not be eaten before the expiration date.


-  Be creative. Create something new from products that are getting old but are still edible.  

- Shop at LivsVinn to save the products that would otherwise have been thrown away.

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